The Catalogues
Annotated catalogue of the engravings
Livio Ceschin. L'opera incisa 1991-2008
Skira editore, Geneva-Milan 2009,
207 pages, 108 illustrations

Edited by: Alessandro Piras.
Texts by: Achim Gnann ( Curator of the Italian Art section of the Albertina in Vienna ) and Vittorio Sgarbi
Italian Version
Catalogue of the exhibition at the Panorama Museum - Bad Frankenhausen
(November 2010 - March 2011)
Livio Ceschin. Wege der Erinnerung
Panorama Museum, Bad Frankenhausen 2010
 143 pages, 98 illustrations

Texts by: Achim Gnann, Silke Krage, John T. Spike,
Gerd Lindner and Rosanna Fabrizio

Catalogue of the exhibition at the
House "Cima da Conegliano" (Conegliano)
(March - May 2015)
Livio Ceschin. Poetry Everywhere
Foundation "G.B. Cima da Conegliano" 2015
 48 pages

Texts by: Prof. Domenico Santarossa
Artistic Director: Grazia Maria Curtarelli Vazzoler
Digital catalogue available here

Catalogue of the exhibition at the
Galerie Clichy (Florence)
(October 2016 - January 2017)
Livio Ceschin. Works
Edited by Clichy - Firenze 2016
 86 pages

Texts by: Lauretta Colonnelli
Digital catalogue available here

Lepida et Silentes
Tezze sul Brenta 2017
 pp. 53

Texts by: Manuela Ricci, Davide Rondoni
and Luigi Zuccarello

Editing by: Ivan Cietto

Digital catalogue available here

Catalogue of the exhibition at the
Home Museum Marino Moretti (Cesenatico)
(July-September 2017)
Extract from
"Venetian Studies"
N. S. LXXV (2017)

Works in black by Livio Ceschin.
Venetian landscapes from Pre-Alps
to lagoon of Venice

by Antonio Manno
Fabrizio Serra Editore - Pisa/Rome 2017
pp. 74

Digital catalogue available here